Know the Value of Your Diamond

When done right, selling diamonds is worth it. However, it is important to know the value of your diamond and to trust your buyer. Learning the value and realness of a diamond is simple, try out the Common DIY Diamond Test by clicking here.

Although it isn’t the simplest task to tell its grade by the naked eye, the experts at Sell Diamonds NYC can help. D through I diamonds may appear quite similar (see images below), but there are clouds of yellow and brown that are found under magnification. D (best quality) through Z grade (lowest quality) diamonds begin to make a noticeable difference around J grade diamonds.

(From left to right: D grade diamond, F grade, G grade, and J grade circular diamond to the right). Notice how the J diamond appears more cloudy and hints of yellow are noticeable, where as F and G diamonds appear somewhat similar. The differences lie under magnification. It’s safe to say that the D (heart shaped) is the most magnificent and most brilliant of the four.

Diamonds are loved by males and females; diamonds serve as a traditional symbol of loving commitment and can compliment any outfit or hairstyle. Diamonds are fascinating to look at; show off your wedding ring or earrings to a coworker, and notice how they react. Well cut rocks reflect light with the most unique sparkle known as “brilliance.” Although happily married couples will wear their wedding rings for all their lives, other diamond jewelry is replaced by upgrades or other favorite accessories. What was once your everyday accessory is now imprinted in your jewelry box. If you’ve wondered how to get cash for diamonds, how to sell a diamond ring, or where to sell diamonds period, you’re on the right page.

Unlike last years clothing fashion, diamonds don’t go out of style or lose value unless they are damaged. The last thing anyone wants is a high quality stud losing its 5 or 6 figure value all because it was damaged. To avoid that risk, consider selling it for top dollar at Sell Diamonds NYC.

Sell Diamonds NYC is America’s favorite reputable and trustworthy business in diamond selling. If you don’t believe me, simply Google “Sell Diamonds NYC reviews” and see for yourself! We inspire to provide you with top-dollar paid for you diamonds and offer a free estimated quote with no obligation. For more information, check out our website or call us at (212) 704-9702