Sell Diamonds, Make Cash

Selling a diamond is similar to selling a home– you should receive top dollar. Having a certificate for your diamond is key to knowing its true value. If you’ve misplaced or never had a certificate, do not panic. Experts at Sell Diamonds NYC can help determine the true value of your diamond. To learn how to test the value of your diamond yourself, click here.

Choosing Sell Diamonds over your local pawnshop increases the dollar amount you can put into your pocket for something you truly want to invest in or pay off. Pawnshop dealers often con you with a low price for your diamond, and enjoy the true valued price themselves. Sell Diamonds NYC guarantees you a very high price, and buys diamonds of all shapes and sizes- as long as it is real and well-cut. When you agree to a price, you can receive cash within one business day, or immediately via wire transferred payments.

Ideally, you’ll want to sell D, E, or F grade diamonds.The higher grade diamond, the more money for you. Perhaps you’ve accumulated plenty of diamonds of highest quality throughout your life, but now they’re just sitting in your jewelry box. It’s a wonderful idea to sell these jewels before they are damaged and lose value, to help pay a few bills or debts, or maybe to buy a car! Now that it’s hot out, you probably deserve a vacation. Selling diamonds is a guaranteed way of affording anything you want. However, you need to be sure you’re getting the best price, the price you deserve. D grade diamonds cost thousands, up to hundreds of thousands, and here at Sell Diamonds NYC we promise to pay top dollar. Click here for more information about our business and diamond selling

Call the experts at 212-704-9702 for any questions you may have about your diamonds worth. We promise you a great diamond selling experience.