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Pawn Shop Braintree

Pawn Shop Braintree

You may have some items that are worth money that are just sitting around your home, taking up space in your garage or gathering dust in your attic. If you have anything you no longer need you can get cash for it at a pawn shop in Braintree. When you bring your items into a pawn shop you can expect to get a price that is usually higher than you can get if you sold it at a garage sale. Best of all, you will have access to immediate cash for your stuff.

What to Bring to the Pawn Shop in Braintree

Many categories of items can be brought in to a pawn shop in Braintree for cash. Some of the most popular items include antiques, estate items, coins, jewelry, electronics, diamonds, tools, watches, musical instruments and precious gems and metals. If your item is in good working condition it may be worth money.

When you want to clean out the clutter from your home and get some money at the same time, consider bringing some of your unwanted belongings to the pawn shop in Braintree. Take a look around your home to find some things you no longer want or need. These things are just taking up space and if you aren’t going to use them you can get money that you can use to buy things that you really want.

Get Cash for Your Unwanted Items

When you bring in your items we will appraise them to determine what they are worth. We will then make you an offer for your items. You are not obligated to accept the offer but if you do you will receive an immediate cash payment.  

Jewelry, watches and diamonds will be valued based not only on their value as items of beauty but also based on the value of the precious metals and gemstones that are in their design. Sometimes an item may be worth more for its gold or silver content than for the intended purpose.

Electronics should be in good working order and have all of their parts or accessories. Older electronics are generally outdated and therefore may be worth very little. Items in high demand include flat screen televisions, gaming systems, camera and video equipment and commercial photography equipment.

Many musical instruments are popular, especially guitars and amps. We may also want to purchase other musical instruments. If you have an instrument that your child no longer plays, we may want to make  purchase.

Tools that you no longer need can be a source of cash. We seek high quality brands such as Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, Bosch and Hilti. Tools need to be in working order. Whether used on construction jobs or around your home, tools are often in demand.

Coins and other collectibles are a source of cash. If you have a can of old coins you can bring them into the pawn shop in Braintree for evaluation. Older, silver coins may be valuable due to their precious metal content. Stop by South Shore Gold today to get cash for your unwanted  items.  

Pawn Shop Braintree
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