Even diamond is one of the most expensive jewelry in the world, there is a changing trend for this valuable adornment. If you think it is time selling the old one and getting the new one or if you just need a fast cash, gaining a good amount of profit, you should decide how and where do you sell your diamond jewelry.

Finding an online diamond buyer is the best way to sell diamonds quickly. But first, you need to be sure what your diamonds is worth. You need to have a knowledge about the 4C’s of your diamond.


Usually diamonds have some imperfections on its surface or inside. The degree of inclusions can differ one to another. Fewer additional in the diamond, better clarity and brilliance it has. Hence, fewer imperfections also mean higher cost.


This is another factor that affect the value of a diamond. If your diamond looks colorless, which means it allows light to pass through as compared to colored ones, you can get higher price compared to colored ones.


Carat is the main factor to determine the weight of a diamond. The value of the diamond increase when it gets heavier. Large diamonds are harder to find and it makes them more valuable compared to small diamonds.


People suppose that diamond shape and diamond cut are the same thing. Actually, not.The term ‘cut’ refers to the reflective qualities of a diamond. On the other hand, diamond shape refers to the outside appearance.

After having an opinion about your diamond’s condition, you can search for an online buyer in order to get information on selling price range of diamonds such as yours. If you want to sell your diamonds by going to a local store, you can do this via finding a reputable diamond buyer.

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