sell diamonds nyc faq

What will you pay for my diamonds?

This is the #1 question we are asked on a constant basis, there are 4 factors that determine the price we pay for diamonds, they are the 4 C’s of diamonds, carat, cut, clarity and color.

Carat: How much The Diamond Weights
Color: D is the best color to have 
Clarity: Are there any flaws in the diamond?
Cut: How well does the diamond reflect light?

After these questions are answered we can give you an accurate price on what your diamond is valued at and then make you an offer. We buy any and all kinds of genuine diamonds, rubies and emeralds.

When Will I Get Paid?

After you accept our offer we will start the diamond buying process in our Manhattan office. We process cash payments, checks and wire transfers.

How Do You Pay Me?

After acceptance of an offer to sell your diamond we send a certified bank draft which you can cash anywhere and the payment will be sent within 1 business day, we also offer express wire transfers as well for those who need the cash right away.

Will you Buy my diamond?

We buy all genuine diamonds, as long as it is real no matter how big or small, how large or rare we will buy it.

We do not purchase diamonds that:

  • Are clarity enhanced (CE)
  • Drilled With Lasers
  • Fake
  • Very bad clarity
  • Have black inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye

Do you buy gold?

YES! We buy all precious metals

Is really safe?

We are a certified gemologist and been in the diamond business for over 30 years. We have an office in midtown Manhattan and make all transaction safe and secure.

We have a 100{e4bf066d049f8b52d600a714795f724d536063a06c54752b6eda27c4a534dda7} customer satisfaction rate

Onsite Certified Gemologist

If you decide not to sell, we ship the diamond back to you and take care of all costs. We protect the seller 100{e4bf066d049f8b52d600a714795f724d536063a06c54752b6eda27c4a534dda7}

When shipping your diamonds to us we use overnight Fedex delivery and take care of all shipping and insurance costs.