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As a leading online source and one of America’s most reliable diamond buyers, Sell Diamonds NYC guarantees exceptional prices, honesty, and reliability. Deciding where to sell diamonds is not a simple task with many false advertisements (such as the WE BUY GOLD signs you see all over town) and scam online buyers, it’s hard to know who to trust. For 25 years Sell Diamonds has offered free quotes and fast cash or wire transferred payments. The diamond process begins in our Manhattan office where you can conveniently enter our building and talk with a diamond expert.

Diamonds lose value when they are flawed. If you’re recently divorced and are selling your diamond ring, are looking for extra cash, or simply have plenty of unused diamonds, you should come to Sell Diamonds NYC to get the highest paid price. Selling diamonds when they are unworn is a great idea because otherwise they hold risk of being lost or damaged, which decreases its monetary value.

If you’re wondering whether or not you have a worthy diamond, this information may help you:

  • You’ll find that at .50 carats, clear and fine cut diamonds are of minimal value. 2 carats and higher are ideal if you want to use your diamond to pay some bills or treat yourself to a lovely vacation, for example
  • Colored diamonds are rare and precious. Contrary to clear diamonds with yellow and brown hints, genuine colored diamonds are rare and high in valuable. Reds are the most rare and most valuable, often costing millions. Blue and pink diamonds are next in highest value and rarity. Greens and yellows come next in value, with brown the least valuable.
    • More to know about colored diamonds is the intensity and purity of its color. The more “fancy deep,” “fancy dark,” and “fancy intense” the color diamonds, the more valuable. Rare colored diamonds with less intense and less deep color hold less value, though are still worthy of selling if you no longer wear it.
  • The four C’s of diamonds is the golden rule of diamond selling. Understanding your diamonds score will help you get a better idea of how much you’ll make by selling.
      1. Cut: The naked eye can see how important the cut of a diamond is. The brilliance of the diamonds is in how it allows light to pass through and reflect a fire, mirror-like beauty. Diamonds are often cut into shapes such as ovals, round brilliant, hearts, and princess. The reason why you want to sell your diamond undamaged is because a poorly cut or damaged diamond will not allow light to pass through
      2. Color: Diamonds are most loved when its color is completely clear. A grading scale called the GIA is empirical for knowing the value of your diamond. Graded from D (absolutely colorless) to Z (yellow and browns present), each letter represents a range of appearance the diamond offers. Sell Diamonds look for D,E, and F diamonds for the highest valuable paid price for you.
      3. Clarity: Just like the importance of color, clarity in diamonds is key. Subtle differences, especially in D through J, may be hard to see with the human eye. Our specialists have the right tools to grade the diamond and inform you of its letter value. D especially, E, and F diamonds are most valuable. G, H, and I come in next. D, E, and F diamonds are high in demand and always searched for in the market. Sell Diamonds is the best place to sell because we always inform you of its letter grade and can respond to any questions in this area.
      4. Carat Weight: The larger a diamond, the more expensive. It’s almost that simple, but it is important to know that a large diamond with brown and yellowspecks is less valuable than a smaller D grade diamond.



Hopefully this information has helped you understand the basics of Sell Diamonds NYC diamond selling process. If you have further questions on selling diamonds, how to sell a diamond ring, how valuable your diamond ring is, or other questions, call Sell Diamonds NYC at 212-704-9702 today.