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Rare diamonds

Rare Diamonds

Like the Hope Diamond, true diamonds rich in color are rare and valuable. Red, pinks, greens, blues, and yellow diamonds are precious in its fanciest (richest) shade are expensive. Colored diamonds come in (from least to most expensive) Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, and Fancy Deep. Colorful diamonds that you no longer wear are worth selling!

Red Diamonds are the absolute rarest, most gorgeous, and expensive colorful diamond. There are only few known red diamonds. Here at Sell Diamonds NYC, we are glad to even glance at such a beauty

Blue Diamonds are natures coolest creation, and a rare creation indeed.Pink Diamonds are among the rarest of colored diamonds and very high in price. They are popular, yet expensive- however that means they are high in demand.Green Diamonds are quite rare. They are beautiful and always desired, so selling one is a guaranteed top notch dollar amount.Yellow and Brown diamonds are the least rare and least expensive. If you have any of these, consider selling them to tackle a high bill or to book a vacation. That's right, even one of the least rarest diamonds can still offer you plenty. Only by calling Sell Diamonds NYC will you be promised top dollar and the best diamond experience.

Don't hesitate, call now or fill out the form provided for a free quote without any obligation!


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How to Sell Your Diamond Jewelry for the Best Value

Even diamond is one of the most expensive jewelry in the world, there is a changing trend for this valuable adornment. If you think it is time selling the old one and getting the new one or if you just need a fast cash, gaining a good amount of profit, you should decide how and where do you sell your diamond jewelry.

Finding an online diamond buyer is the best way to sell diamonds quickly. But first, you need to be sure what your diamonds is worth. You need to have a knowledge about the 4C’s of your diamond.


Usually diamonds have some imperfections on its surface or inside. The degree of inclusions can differ one to another. Fewer additional in the diamond, better clarity and brilliance it has. Hence, fewer imperfections also mean higher cost.


This is another factor that affect the value of a diamond. If your diamond looks colorless, which means it allows light to pass through as compared to colored ones, you can get higher price compared to colored ones.


Carat is the main factor to determine the weight of a diamond. The value of the diamond increase when it gets heavier. Large diamonds are harder to find and it makes them more valuable compared to small diamonds.


People suppose that diamond shape and diamond cut are the same thing. Actually, not.The term ‘cut' refers to the reflective qualities of a diamond. On the other hand, diamond shape refers to the outside appearance.

After having an opinion about your diamond’s condition, you can search for an online buyer in order to get information on selling price range of diamonds such as yours. If you want to sell your diamonds by going to a local store, you can do this via finding a reputable diamond buyer. is the best place to sell your diamond jewelry online. For an appraisal, you can also come into our office located on 30W 47th St., Suite 8006, New York, NY 10036. We are open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 2pm-5pm.


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Selling Diamonds, Making Cash

Sell Diamonds, Make Cash

Selling a diamond is similar to selling a home-- you should receive top dollar. Having a certificate for your diamond is key to knowing its true value. If you've misplaced or never had a certificate, do not panic. Experts at Sell Diamonds NYC can help determine the true value of your diamond. To learn how to test the value of your diamond yourself, click here.

Choosing Sell Diamonds over your local pawnshop increases the dollar amount you can put into your pocket for something you truly want to invest in or pay off. Pawnshop dealers often con you with a low price for your diamond, and enjoy the true valued price themselves. Sell Diamonds NYC guarantees you a very high price, and buys diamonds of all shapes and sizes- as long as it is real and well-cut. When you agree to a price, you can receive cash within one business day, or immediately via wire transferred payments.

Ideally, you'll want to sell D, E, or F grade diamonds.The higher grade diamond, the more money for you. Perhaps you've accumulated plenty of diamonds of highest quality throughout your life, but now they're just sitting in your jewelry box. It's a wonderful idea to sell these jewels before they are damaged and lose value, to help pay a few bills or debts, or maybe to buy a car! Now that it's hot out, you probably deserve a vacation. Selling diamonds is a guaranteed way of affording anything you want. However, you need to be sure you're getting the best price, the price you deserve. D grade diamonds cost thousands, up to hundreds of thousands, and here at Sell Diamonds NYC we promise to pay top dollar. Click here for more information about our business and diamond selling

Call the experts at 212-704-9702 for any questions you may have about your diamonds worth. We promise you a great diamond selling experience.

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