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We are the only diamond buyer who doesn’t have a limit, we can buy diamonds worth millions. With us we want to pay more for rare diamonds. Here is a list of some rare diamonds and gems what we buy.

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Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Brown Diamonds

We love pink diamonds, they are very rare andin the 16th and 17th century, India was the main source for pink diamonds. Some sold for as much as 7 Million dollars.

Red is without a doubt one the rarest of the rare. A .25 carat sold for 326k, red diamonds are priceless. Their are only a few known in existence.

Blue diamonds range fron 525k a carat and up, some sold for 3.6 million for a 6 carat India was the largest exporter in blue diamonds from 1500-1700. This is where the Famous Hope diamond came from.

Second to the Hope diamond, the other most famous diamond is the Dresden Green. It is green and weighs 40.70. It is said to have come from Brasil, and was purchased by Frederick Augustus in 1725.

Now by now you should know that no one wants yellow in their white diamond, but a intense yellow is very desired. South Africa is the main producer of these diamonds and as a fact, the first authenticated diamond found in South Africa was the 10.73 yellow Eureka. By 1900, South Africa had produced the 128.51 Tiffany, the 130 carat Colenso, the 228.50 DeBeers,and the 205.07 Red Cross. In 1996 at Christie’s, a 8.45 fancy vivid yellow sold for $684,500 or $81,000 per carat.

Orange diamonds are soug
ht after and the more pumpkin in color the better. These diamonds sell more than yellow diamonds and a 9 ct once sold for 1.9 million.

The least expensive are brown diamonds, they are affordable and the payout can be as high as 2k per carat.

We Buy Fancy Colored Diamonds

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