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Sell Diamonds NYC is the original place to sell diamonds in the NYC area. We are the leader in buying diamonds. No matter if you’re looking to sell your diamonds, loose diamonds, rare, or coming out of a divorce and want to sell your diamond engagement ring you will find no other reputable diamond buyer in New York and the USA for that matter. We buy Diamond Pendants, Diamond Earrings, Diamond Jewelry, Diamond Necklaces, Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamond Rings and more.

NYC Diamond Buying Location.

Sell Diamonds NYC are conveniently located in Manhattan in New York City’s Diamond Buyer District. We buy all kids of diamonds and have a safe and easy process. You come into our office and will be greeted by one of our diamond buying specialists ASAP, it is also good to make an appointment to ensure you get the most time and attention when selling us your diamond.  If you are unsure if we will buy your diamond, just give us a phone call, were only a call away. We require the diamond your selling to meet the following criteria:

We Buy All Genuine Diamonds

  •  GIA EGL AGS or uncertified
  •  0.25ct or more
  •  D color to Z color
  •  Flawless, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, or more
  •  Ideal, Excellent or Very Good Cut or Proportioned Diamonds
  •  Hundreds of Diamonds Purchased every month
  •  In the Diamond Buying Business for over 20 years


We Beat All Competitor Pricing Guaranteed!

Sell Us Your Diamonds Today!

  • Step #1: We determine the value of your diamond using our expert diamonds gemologists. We will then present you with a blind offer for your diamond.
  • Step #2 : We then present you with a firm offer to purchase your diamond. When you are pleased with our offer we promptly give you the agreed price in cash.
  • We buy any diamond size bigger then 0.25 ct and shape
  • We buy any shape such as Oval, Round, Marquise,  Old Miners cut, Princess, Heart and more
  • Any Carat Bigger Than 0.25 ct and All Colors
  • Certified from GIA or EGL
  • Doesn’t Matter if Certified or Not
  • Sell Diamond Rings
  • Sell Diamond Bracelets
  • Sell Diamonds Whole Large or Small
  • Sell Diamond Necklaces

10 Recently Purchased Diamonds


We buy all kinds of engagement rings, loose, rare, large and small diamonds ranging from round, princess, pear, emerald, from color D to Z, you can use our free friendly diamond appraiser calculator to instantly get a price on your diamond safe and secure with no strings attached.


Recent Posts

Rare diamonds

Rare Diamonds

Like the Hope Diamond, true diamonds rich in color are rare and valuable. Red, pinks, greens, blues, and yellow diamonds are precious in its fanciest (richest) shade are expensive. Colored diamonds come in (from least to most expensive) Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, and Fancy Deep. Colorful diamonds that you no longer wear are worth selling!

Red Diamonds are the absolute rarest, most gorgeous, and expensive colorful diamond. There are only few known red diamonds. Here at Sell Diamonds NYC, we are glad to even glance at such a beauty

Blue Diamonds are natures coolest creation, and a rare creation indeed.Pink Diamonds are among the rarest of colored diamonds and very high in price. They are popular, yet expensive- however that means they are high in demand.Green Diamonds are quite rare. They are beautiful and always desired, so selling one is a guaranteed top notch dollar amount.Yellow and Brown diamonds are the least rare and least expensive. If you have any of these, consider selling them to tackle a high bill or to book a vacation. That’s right, even one of the least rarest diamonds can still offer you plenty. Only by calling Sell Diamonds NYC will you be promised top dollar and the best diamond experience.

Don’t hesitate, call now or fill out the form provided for a free quote without any obligation!


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